Panic Strikes……

The story starts with a train journey. News of stampede is not that few these days, yet a first hand experience of panic and fear struck my semblance. An incident of stone pelting to the train was rumoured as a blast in the train. It may sound hilarious but even the stone pelting was done by an insane person who meant no harm to anyone. It was his way of having his share of fun. The truth when unfolds, the tremendous rush to run down of the so called fired train lost momentum. Instead of fire, if any, the panic would have called upon many lives.

This goes the comic strain of the journey. The other one is associated with helplessness. An ailing old man, suffering from asthma. Apparently not a beggar, yet one of them. Is it so that he is all alone in this big world or the other way round? It may happen that he has nobody inspite of having everyone. The early morning search for money in every loaded local trains possibly drained the last of his wealth, namely health. It even cost him his mental peace and what not. The urge to buy a medicine for asthma which costs 500 bucks made us witness an unknown face with a familiar story. The old man slipped and the money he collected scattered all around along with that one pair of slippers he had in his store. The restlessness and cry to gather all the money he had especially the slippers doubled his helplessness. The passengers may have helped him for that day but a ‘for the time being’ aid is never enough for any person like that. His words still ring in my ears….’trust me M not a beggar, but just helpless.’ I felt the words are beyond the question of truth and falsehood.


Sreshtha and her College

Entering a new life with newer thoughts and dreams are always bedazzling. Leaving school is always a heart wrenching event. Yet that not so wished and even wished 12th standard arrives to make us feel that ‘yes’ now is the start.

The last step I took, out of that sweet second home left back only memories to be cherished about. Starting college with a new set of FRIENDSHIP. We never thought of b ecoming buddies, though we are. School acquaintances became college friends and my storehouse of secrets. I thank my parents for letting me have an insane group like this. Love friends.

Is she ‘silly’?

Colour comes in different shades for Pulitzer prize-winning book The Colour Purple. It’s the darkness of colour within a human soul. Punning the leading character Celie’s name, author Alice Walker puts the reader’s mind to that same question….is she actually silly? Purple comes with various connotations and importance for every character present. At the backdrop of the story lies the lives of a nigger family and their turmoil. Every ups and downs comes with varying flavours for the characters. Walker doesn’t intend to start a story with feminism as it’s motto, rather the fight to give Celie a voice.

To the Earth we Love

The River

An ocean of thoughts, secret and feelings, once a small girl encountered the reality. A child of such intense thought, couldn’t it be a bit easier for her? Situation could. We could. But time worsened. Those eyes spoke of words unheard. One could only read a veiled confusion, bemusement, beauty and all of it together. She hopes of getting healed. Sitting ashore a swift flowing river, she thanks nature it’s natural forces. River is never bound to follow the path we suggest. We can construct dams, bar the flow. Yet it floods, overflows and begins the journey it undertook. The girl looks forward to have a river of her own and flow in her chosen path, yet sustain. Her ancestors unfortunately left near to nothing for her future…….

Robotic Frankenstein

Robots are snatching human touch in the modern world. But is it actually permissible to let the machine snatch what is ours? It is the creation of human mind. The Frankenstein of 21st century. We all are the chemists, engineer, and what not engrossed in creating a doppelganger. The quest for the unknown and the hunger to achieve the impossible grabs our psyche tight-fisted. The creation eventually became a monster for Mary Shelley’s creator. Today’s world too is advancing gradually to a time similar to this where human would themselves question their creation. Undoubtedly robots are made efficient enough to be human like. But inculcating emotions in them may sound dangerous. What if they start questioning the creator? It is quite possible. Recenty a news came about a robot being sacked from its job for sheer incompetence, in England. The loopholes are undeniably the creator’s. What I feel is, humans themselves have graduated the society towards a delude. Robots are only an addition to this. It may be considered an extraordinary creation of human mind but the consequences can’t be ignored. Substitute to natural phenomenon is a curse. Human tendency has always been to snatch from the nature and utilise the resources to its fullest but never a thought of returning back. When mankind started fearing dearth of the same, inventions of back ups sprung up. Yet the thirst could never be quenched. The Earth can now only wait to perish. Days are shortening and our Mother is nearing death. Hope, Robot could save the Earth or thrive as aliens in some other domain.

Sreshtha on the eve of Tagore’s Birthday

On this day, everything gets placed rightly yet gradually. Calmness from bereavement can only be achieved through creation. Every artist find solace in creation. Audiences can only respect and enjoy art. Life is never an end with certain deviations or disturbing incidents. Let’s give time to sleep over it, since moving on is the priority. Happiness comes with a flow. To me it should not be fetched for. Let it arrive as it may. Bemused and perplexed thoughts have no place for me in my new journey, which is yet to begin. I get ready to enter college. Bidding good bye to SCHOOL DAYS……

“Where the mind is without fear”

Heart to Heart

22nd May 2018, on the day of Raja Rammohan Roy’s birth anniversary, every newspaper across India saw the coverage of a ‘hearty’ story about a medical miracle. Significantly, Dichand, a private tutor from Jharkhand got a ‘dil’ at the Eastern corner of the country. The man who aboilished Sati was born on this day. He reinstated faith in humanity and humanitarian groundings for any ritual. The front page news of a heart transplantation proves that humanity still persists to be the biggest religion of all. The tragic end of a 21 year old’s life gave a new lease of life to the other side of the country. The ‘heart’ has no fixed place. It is omnipresent, spreading itself from Bengaluru to Jharkhand via Kolkata. Revolution can be even of this kind. The doctors, ambulance driver, cops, traffic police, flight attendants all accompanied to give a safety landing to the ‘heart’ of India. Though a handful among the crores of Indians yet somewhere down, in our heart we still hope for change to come this meticulously and look forward to see more instances like this. No guns, no bloodshed, no long march, neither any extravagance but only a few careful steps taken which filled the HEART of ‘city of joy’ with a new achievement. The rigorous process inside the OT at FORTIS HOSPITAL, KOLKATA led by team of Dr. Balakrishnan added to a happy and ‘Good Morning’ for the whole country. Once again we may feel proud that we are in a country where eminent personality like Raja Rammohan Roy was born and even a few doctors and other common HUMAN BEINGS, who made it sure that the ‘heart beat never stops’.

Pages of Sreshta

Like any other days, even on that day I started off for school merrily. FRIENDS, these 7 magical letters always excites me besides my parents. Writing down the diary was not only with the purpose of relaxing the thoughts of every moment I experienced, rather what each step of it taught me. Events harsh or kind have only strenghthen my self esteem and ushered ample positivity. The event of my second standard at school, yes even that has altered me and my outlook.

Nevertheless my TEACHERS. Well, they built a different Sreshta and rained full faith in me. I got punished in the course of the event, yet gained trust of my teacher. Faith in myself and also towards friends git reinstated only because of her. All of us have moved a long way ahead may be many of those days are forgotten. Yet I’m sure this will stay even with my friends who childishly tried to trick with me. Personally for me it’s quite difficult to shrug off any event like this.